Our Team

Sushma Baral - Director of Education
Sushma Baral joined Wahoe in 2014 to start the children teaching and community projects in Nepal. Sushma is fluent in local language and loves working with the local communities in slum areas and remote areas of Nepal. She enjoys providing support for all the Wahoe projects and aiding Wahoe in running some of the best volunteer projects in the Nepal.

Allena - Director of Women Empowerment
Allena is leading Wahoe Projects in Nepal. She joined Wahoe Jas Nepal in 2014. She is very hardworking and capable to do her work. She has keen observation. She started Wahoe project with a great anxiety and courage. Her duty is to aware local women about empowerment programs,collect bags and other products from each woman in the villages and sending them to Kathmandu and also help volunteers for their travel servcies in Nepal. We are happy to have her in our team.

Hari Silwal - Core Member
He is our core member in Nepal who is helping Wahoe Jas Nepal with administration, organizing, managing, staffing and coordinating. Without him it was not easy to start. He is kind hearted, simple and hardworking person. We are very happy to have him in our organization.

Munna khan - Executive Member
He and her family is big inspiration for us to start this project.he is dealing in Gems and jewellery and has shop in pokhara.He and his family is always ready to help us with kind and cash.

Indira Baral - Volunteer Coodinator
She is our prominent member and working as anchor in FM radio.She is social worker and involved in so many social activities in Nepal.she live in Pokhara.

Simran - Activist
She is our youngest and energetic member.She could be your guide in Pokhara to show you around.she is very helpful and good company in pokhara.she is studying in school so only in holidays she is availabe to help you.she is good artist and you cannot ignore her heena art and she will make your hands colorful with her art.it will be nice experience.

Ganga Bagal - Activist
She is one of the dedicated members who is working in women empowerment program. She is also Spokes Person for WAHOE commune India. We are happy to have her in our team